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All of the Bullet Journaling. None of the Hassle.

Being a creative type I can get a ahem..."distracted". In order to keep track of my freelance projects, personal goals, random to do lists, and everything in between I've tried countless planners and organizers. I even tried bullet journaling earlier this year. I loved being super creative with my writing and how flexible you could be with layouts. 

But all of that Bullet Journaling is time consuming! Drawing new layouts every day...Who has the time? I was about to give it up when I realized, "Hey! I'm a designer! I'll just whip up some templates."

Ever since I made these I have loved planning my day and getting organized. I use the monthly calendar to plot out a big picture view of my month, the daily planner page to make sure I stay on task during the day, and the monthly habit tracker to make sure I'm holding myself accountable for those good habits.

Now I want to share these awesome printables with you! Feel free to download any of the pages you like to make it your own! Whether you're a bullet journal fanatic, a busy mom or student, a freelancer like me, or just want to get more organized, I hope these pages help you! Feel free to share with your friends, and keep your eyes peeled for more versions soon.



This monthly overview calendar has space for important events, upcoming events, monthly goals, and your monthly mantra!



This "day-runner" has plenty of room for to do lists, a daily schedule, goal tracking, notes, and your daily gratitude. Plus it has tons of room to make it your own!

Bullet Journal Style Monthly Good Habit Tracker

I'm always trying to hold myself accountable for my goals and good habits and this printable is a great way to do that. With six sections to keep track of your habits throughout the month, and a monthly goal section, you will have a visual snapshot of how you did. It is always so fun to cross off a day. Whether you X it out, color it in, or color code, it is a great way to see how successful you were!

Questions? Suggestions? Fun Stuff?! Feel free to leave me a comment below.

Yours Truly,